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Roman philosopher Seneca                                                                       
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Maybe you've never reached the profits that you thought you could achieve or somehow, you're feeling stuck with really getting your real estate business to the next level.

We can help.
Are the costs associated with growing your real estate business growing faster than your profits? Are you tired of paying Zillow, Trulia and other online giants huge lead costs only to have to compete with whoever else they can sell the same leads to?

What about the lack of inventory and the finicky nature of buyers. They know there are more of them than there are sellers and they like to leverage your competition against you. Or how about the growing pressure from online real estate brokers offering discounted services, forcing you to be just a commodity?

The Current Market Has Become Cutthroat
The current environment has created a "Red Ocean" when what you really need is to search for "Blue Ocean". A strategy developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne and outlined in their book "Blue Ocean Shift". A Red Ocean is when your competition turns the ocean blood red as they fight over the exisiting business and become increasingly cutthroat as they try to grab gerater shares of the existing market. 

Getting profitable new clients is critical to your real estate business. In our current real estate economy, only the strongest and smartest brokers survive.  But in order to THRIVE, you've got to have something unique...something better than the rest. Something that will take you out into the wide open "Blue Ocean" where finding and retaining higher profit clients is easier and less stressful. Getting there requires something different than what everyelse is doing to gain new clients. That something else is what we like to call your 'SECRET Sauce'.
“Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.”
- Angela Ahrendts, Senior VP of Retail at Apple
Big Data Is Here
Access to "Big Data" was something heretofore unavailable to small to medium sized companies due to the enormous costs required to analyze and process large amounts of data and assemble it in a useful way.

Our company developed a proprietary algorithm that allows us to process data from over 500 data publishers, analyze it and create predictions based on the analyzed results. Now you can have access to predictive results based on monitoring the behaviors of over 250,000,000 Americans. Behaviors like what URL's they are visiting, keywords they are using and content they are consuming. Our data-driven technology is patterned after the same algorithm the government uses to find and eliminate our country's most DANGEROUS criminals. We are using this data analysis like a “heat-seeking missile” to drop lead costs by 75%.

Imagine the results you could generate for you and for your team if you could double your results and reduce your costs.

Finally, you have access to marketing's Holy Grail, a predictive algorithim that IMPROVES ITSELF over time using a form of artifical inteligence (AI) called machine learning. Forbes magazine recently published an article on this amazing technology titled 10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Marketing.  Better and better results are inevitable the more we work with this amazing technology.

Are Your Ready?
Big Data is here and available to a select few real estate teams around the country. Access to the data will be limited to one team per area and will create revolutionary shifts in these markets. Ready to end your search for next-level success? See if you qualify to be "The Real Estate Broker Team" in your area with exclusive access to our cutting edge technology. We will only be able to work with teams that are aggressive, growth-minded and READY to take advantage of an opportunity that won't last forever...
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